Saturday, October 9, 2010

Early morning thoughts...

I woke up very early this Sunday Morning with nothing much on my head but excitement for what lies ahead. Instinctively, I rubbed my belly as if to comfort and protect my unborn child against unwanted thoughts that might permeate her mother's inner being. I turn to my left and I could hear my husband's heavy breathing.

He has been awfully tired from work the whole week but somehow I knew that the thought of an addition to our little circle of love keeps him going and makes things at the workplace bearable.

And knowing that, I love him more for it. He is a patient man,a silent sufferer.But at night when he rest from everything and I lay my head against his chest, I could feel his weariness and I could feel how much he fight against it. I love him more for that.

Love, the romantic love I have grown up believing as a child, they say is not real. Its an association that comes with the accidents of life. And once the condition that allowed it to exist for a long period of time is taken away then that same love will be gone.

Love, shared between mankind , though is real. It is borne about by a common goal, a shared commitment.

To bring up a child in the ways of God is a marriage's primary aim.

And to do that, it takes two wings for flight to happen. In such lies the beauty, because heights are achieved through the elements of balance and harmony of two distinct individuals. Love?

My thoughts end here. But my prayers remain ascending Above.

Let me Lord be a good wife, let me Lord be a good mother.

Let me believe and personify the kind of person You have always thought I am but I have until now hesitate to claim.

Alone, I will never achieve that perfection but I am certain that the Holy Spirit will be there to assist.

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