Monday, August 2, 2010

Ants Out!

They came with a sudden force that I was caught totally unprepared for the battle ahead. With just a lift of that rice box I kept in the corner, they came scurrying out, filling all available space in the kitchen counter. I can’t seem to trace where they were coming from. My first instinct was to protect myself. I jumped up and down ridding my entire body of the little squirmy things. They were all over my neck, arms and legs. I could see small red swells developing everywhere in my skin. And then I got a little braver. After the momentary shock, I grabbed the rice box and rid it of its contents. But they remain scampering in the table despite the removal of the object.

Drown them! That was the first thing my mind registered. I immediately went to get water and then doused the flat surface with water and using a rag directed all towards the kitchen sink. Many perished.

I breathed a little sigh of relief and got to mixing detergent with water and cleaning the entire surface. I went back to the rice and placed them in a plastic bag, sealed them tight before putting them back to the now ant-free rice box.

Little did I know that such battle would just be the first of many encounters. The following day, they were back with a vengeance, not only did they invade the kitchen as they milled around a forgotten cooked rice grain hidden behind the rice cooker but they can now be found even in one of the rooms. I have this big box I kept in the corner to contain my excess clothes that could no longer fit in our cabinet dresser. I was trying to find some old clothes I could give away when lo and behold, all my clothes inside have these tiny pests covering them.

I told myself, I need to fight this intelligently. I went to the internet and googled for immediate tools I can use. And there I saw Johnson’s baby powder and apple cider vinegar. It also mentioned cinnamon and borax but I don’t have them handy in my place. I removed the boxes and moved them outside the house. The apple cider vinegar I was saving for my vegetable salad became my weapon of choice I diluted it with water and then doused the floor with it. I was relentless. I mopped my entire floor with vinegar. I cleaned all the corners of the kitchen cabinets and the table top with vinegar. I was it for 3 long hours. But finally it was done, the place was clean and smelly. I got the air freshener and sprayed everywhere. I took the Johnson’s baby powder and sprinkled them in the kitchen counter, the corners of the kitchen cabinet and even in our dining table where even the banana I placed there was not spared.

I’m getting used to the small bites. But I know I will need to strengthen myself for further onslaught.

My neighbor told me that our house is sitting on top of a former sugar agriculture land thus the ants are common here in Nasugbu, Batangas. The only real remedy is to maintain cleanliness and be vigilant with left-over food and make sure everything is sealed and out of the enemy’s smell and reach.

My husband is out during the day when they usually time their visits so I will be alone in this battle.

Let the battle begin …

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  1. ehehe! this one made laugh! ^_^ it happened to us as well. Mark was the one fighting the battle though... he doused them with a glass cleaner :P