Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding Credence

Book: “The Seven Book 1 – Key of Credence”

When Jo asked me to review this material, I was a bit hesitant given I felt that I might be too old to appreciate a fantasy book especially when nothing like having a baby almost always ground you to reality. However, after I’ve gone past chapter two, there was no stopping until I reach the ending. It has the innocent charms of Harry Potter that transcends age when it comes to potential reader fans and it has the mystical allure as well of “ The Lord of the Rings”.

“Intero Regnum” has echoes of “Middle Earth” with a dash of Filipino folklore while its “ Ikhortors” are as demonic and creepy as the “Death eaters” that terrified the Hogwarts school. The difference lies, however, in essence to the seemingly more urgent tone of the book and apparently how this town of “Sanctae Mundus” represents our world today, more reflective of modern day humanity peppered by Facebook, Twitter and the internet phenomenon. Closer to home, in the sense, that it brings to a different level the inner battle between good and evil and how our decisions figure prominently in the outcome of things and this beloved earth of ours. More than dependency on one group of heroes or one bespectacled adolescent wizard for the survival of humanity, it places the responsibility back to the rightful owners, the “collective”.

The concept of the Seven Holies, pitted against the Seven Lords of “Helles”, is an interesting and creative take into the task of delineating virtues against sins for the youth of today. I find it brave of the author to also venture into questions of “religion” in this make-believe world and how it plays into the salvation of all souls on earth not just of select ones.

“… Will God only save those people who served under the church He chooses to be the right one, when the End Time comes? Is there actually a true church of God? How about those non-Christian, will they be saved?”

Interesting as well is the question that follows such query …

“You must understand that the most important thing besides a religion is your faith Trish, your faith on Him. And when you believe, you would follow what He had said. And that is to spread love everywhere around you. When you do, what possibility for you not to be saved then when it comes?”

This is just one of several universal thoughts interspersed into a gripping adventurous plot of four adolescent girls as they come to terms as well with their own individual family struggles.

The psychology of youth is exposed and offered to those genuinely interested to understand this new generation amidst the chaos of London and the Middle East as we continue to dissect the real truth of the oneness of Mankind. We are indeed God’s “Favored” ones. And as the book unfolds, we become more aware of the reasons for that.


The Key of Credence is the first book in a series called the “The Seven” written by Caitlin Mist, a pure blooded Filipino living in the Philippines. It will be released by Isshin Dream Publishing sometime October 2011.


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